Our Silent Disco gets a warm reception at Falmouth care home for Dementia patients.. another first in Cornwall!..

We do a variety of charitable silent discos through the year, but this event was really special to us and the most rewarding. We experimented the silent disco at a Falmouth care home for Patients with dementia. The result was amazing. Over 20 lovely people dancing and singing their hearts out to all the oldies. A truly heartwarming sight to see all these people really enjoying music together. As the interest is spreading ewe are hoping to train up care home assistants so they can do this event in their own care homes, spreading the joy and fun of the silent disco at a very affordable cost.

Quote from the lead care assistant for the event Sharon Bennion “Your an absolute star for supporting Falmouth Friends dementia friendly cafe, we can’t wait for the next time it was magical to say the least. The silent disco brought so much laughter and joy opening up a whole new way to enjoy and love music for all. It melted my heart to see the reactions and I went home smiling all the way. It is days like yesterday which make me love the work I do even more . I will certainly be promoting this feel good factor to all” 



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