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You may have heard of it, you may have witnessed it, you may not. The silent Disco is a global phenomenon that is here to stay. It is the perfect choice for your event be it a Birthday, Wedding, private party, stag and hen, noise restriction event or corporate events, you name it. Wether its dry hire or with our DJs we can do it!

Imagine walking into a bar or party where there's hundreds of party people wandering around dancing and singing out of tune like crazed baboons but you can't hear any music....

Welcome to the silent disco. Within minutes you'll be clambering to grab a headset and get amongst the action. A three dimensional world that allows you to choose between two or three channels. If your'e not liking one DJ’s tunes, then flick of a switch on your headset changes you to the other DJ. Or you can take a break, select no channel and witness the carnage! You also have full control of the volume. The channels have different colours which illuminate to show who's channel you are on.  One of the benefits of the silent disco is that it appeals to all ages and all musical tastes.. One channel could be seventies whilst a different genre is on the other. We have been having silent disco parties regularly for nearly a decade now and can honestly say it's the best fun you will have on a night out. Just look at some of our feedback on the event links on Facebook .

"Whether it's a party, wedding, or any celebration, a silent disco is a sure guarantee your party will be remembered for a long time!"

We don't just provide music, we integrate with everybody personally through microphones. This enables us to highlight the stag, wedding or birthday person and include everyone in the celebration. Whether you hire just the headsets or go for the deluxe package including our two very experienced DJs, we will guarantee you will have a party you will never forget!

We aim to provide you with great service and all the tools to have a fantastic party. We want you to spread the word about our great silent disco and to do that you have to have the best equipment, support and advice to ensure your party is the best. We can supply track lists and 24/7 advice to achieve this. All in all we want to ensure you have a party that will be remembered for a long time! The Silent Disco is a phenomenon that is here to stay, and until you've experienced it you won't appreciate what fun it brings for everyone so pick up the phone and let's get this party started!

You can have a silent disco anywhere! We’ve done them in the woods, on the beach, marquees, bars, village hall, clubs, festivals and even in a castle! Anything is possible with our party. We are the number one silent disco in the South West for a reason. Book us out and find out why!


We Use only the very latest illuminating headsets and powerful transmitters.

All headsets are high quality and have three channels with red/green/blue illuminating ears. All come fully charged with three separate high power transmitters with a choice of 300/500mtr range and very easy to set up. They can be played from any source. iPad, iPod etc. All cables and instructions included, as well as set up help service if needed.

A tried and tested playlist is available and can be downloaded from our Dropbox. You have all the ingredients for an amazing party so go for it!!


You only get married once (hopefully) and everyone will either remember a brilliant disco evening or  forget a standard Joe average one! So give your day the deluxe treatment. Save yourself hundreds on PA and speaker hire that's not required for the silent disco.

Have you ever been to a wedding where you are at the mercy of the DJ who is playing really loud music that is not to your taste and your Granny's wondering what's hit her?  This is where the silent disco comes in perfect, having two or three channels to choose from enables everyone to be involved. You may have Frank Sinatra on one channel and the Black Eyed Peas on another. By removing the headsets, having a normal conversation at our wedding events we often witness Grandad's and Aunts mixing it up with the younger generation.

Special Events

Movie Nights

On its way to becoming the new silent trend!

The perfect way to enjoy big sceen entertainment at any time of the day.

Use the Silent Cinema for special events, premieres, private parties or late night sporting events. If you can think of it, we can do it!

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Children's Parties

The kid's silent disco rocks!

We've done little monkey Silent Discos from the age of four  and up.]

Bring something special to your party with specially tailored playlists and integrated games.

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Silent Yoga

 A new silent fitness venture.

 Imagine doing your yoga class on the beach whilst listening to atmospheric music and also receiving instruction from the yoga teacher.

Part of our Good Life events.

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These are dry hire prices, just for the equipment and transmitters to use for your own silent disco. A very simple set up where iPhones, iPads or laptops can be used for your own event wherever you like! This does not include DJs.





















We hold over 800 headsets in stock, for larger events,  festival, bespoke packages or to inquire about our Deluxe Package, including our two talented DJs, please get in touch.

Courier costs are not included in the package pricing and will vary depending on amount hired.


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